Firmware and drivers

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Applicable for devices
2.42.0074 Latest version
Network Libraries UpdateUpdated device discovery via phone to add and enable remote controlAdded dynamic Wi-Fi/BLE priorityWorking with Wi-Fi now takes into account the number of failed connections => the device isn't goes into an endless connection loop if the password is entered incorrectlyAdded the ability to roll back the firmware to the previous already loaded firmwareIR signals recognition improvements in case of long signalsThe list of AC units has been replenishedImproved processing of the Samsung36 IR protocol
Remote, Plug, Duo
Rebalanced Wi-Fi and BLE to work betterImproved socket handling for compatibility with some smart home controllersPlug device support added in test modeBug fixes and performance improvements
Remote, Plug, Duo
Increased the power of the BLE transmitter for better work with controlled BLE devicesProbably resolved the issue with turning on Xiaomi TV via BLE
Remote, Plug, Duo
IR protocol RC6 added to the deviceAdded the ability to save parameters for commandsAdded additional processing of temperature sensors in Remote2Correct handling of device names from /data in case of multibyte UTF strings
Remote, Plug, Duo