Firmware and drivers

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Applicable for devices
2.23 Latest version
Improving Wi-Fi stability
Remote, Plug, Duo
Fixed a bug that could lead to a constant change of the Updating / Running status in the applicationImproving stability and fixing minor bugs
Remote, Plug, Duo
IPv6 supportFixed a bug due to which some test devices could not allow the selection of the air conditioner operation modeFixed a bug due to which the automatic firmware update mechanism might not work on some device revisionsLocal MQTT client now sends broadcast messages to topic /LOOKin/broadcastFixed founded bugs in the work of the local remotes saved statusesAdded the ability to send service commands like FFFX for air conditioners
Remote, Plug, Duo
All devices now have local MQTT client on boardAbility to create and execute automation scenarios based on temperature and humidity for Remote2Switching to a single-level JSON view when requesting a sensor stateAbility to control groups of IR diodes for signal transmissionFixed a bug due to which the response from the HTTP server of the device could be perceived by the client not in UTF-8Improved synchronization of Storage between devices and the app
Remote, Plug, Duo
A new operating mode has been added to all devices - ECOv2, which reduces power consumption of devices and allows more accurate work with power at the firmware levelImproving Battery Life for Remote (All Models)Improved algorithm for detecting infrared replay signal for RemoteFixed an issue that prevented devices from reconnecting to some models of Wi-Fi routers after the router was restartedFixed an issue that could distort IR signals for HomeKit in Remote2 when recording to a device
Remote, Plug, Duo