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2.40.0627 Latest version
Added support for mode semantics in remote controls with media typeAdded speed and swing semantics for fan device typeIncreased Wi-Fi priority over BLE
Remote, Plug, Duo
Added new signals for BLE remotes: power on, sleep, back, homeFix errors in the AC virtual remotes with several codesets Saving a pair with a BLE-controlled device after a device reboot
Remote, Plug, Duo
Improving the stability of BLE remotes
Remote, Plug, Duo
The main thing: Remote / Remote2 can now act as a BLE remote control and / or keyboard, seamless API integration is readyUDP protocol refactoring: changing the packet prefix to LOOKin, UDP messages will be send when updating built-in remotesImproved work of the built-in and plug-in temperature and humidity sensors in Remote2 Added a pause after sending a switch on command on ACC units that require a separate switch on signal (in test)Added play / pause signals to local remotes of TV and Media typesAdded the ability to transmit ProntoHEX with a flag, which informs the device that this signal needs to be transmitted without processingAdded an endpoint to remove all functions of the saved local remote with one command Improved OTA updates stabilityImproved Remote control feature stabilityFixed a bug that could lead to incorrect synchronization of automation scenarios between app and devices Added status handlers for all supported types of local devices / remotes Fixed a bug due to which when controlling the AC unit via MQTT, the sent signals could enter an endless loopFixed a bug due to which in some Remote revisions could not create an access point when running on batteries
Remote, Plug, Duo
Fixed a bug due to which the device could not be updated via remote controlUpdated networkingFixed resetting device to factory settings on loss of battery powerAdded periodic device rebootBug fixes and stability improvements
Remote, Plug, Duo