Frequently asked Questions

How do I add a device to the app and get started?

In order to start operating the device, you need to download the application "LOOKin Hub" for the Android or iOS platform. A QR code for quick search of the application can be found in each package.

There are two ways to connect the device:
1) Quick connection: Click on the + in the upper right corner of the application on the "Devices" page, set the credentials of your Wi-Fi network and bring the phone as close as possible to the new device
2) If for some reason the fast connection fails, there is an alternative way: when starting the device starts Wi-Fi access point with SSID like "LOOKin ". You need to connect to this Wi-Fi network using your phone or computer and open the following page:
On the page that opens, enter the data of your Wi-Fi network and click on "connect" button

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