An affordable solution to make your home smart. No controller - LOOKin devices exchange information with each other and allow you to save energy, ensure security and remotely control your Android and iPhone home.
LOOKin system can be useful to many people around the world and here's why ...
No central controller

Most smart home systems are built around a central controller. It manages automation, access control, provides a beautiful interface for managing your home, it stores all the rules for the behavior of devices and scenes.

The LOOKin system allows you to refuse it.

No controller - there are not many problems that are not always clearly visible. If a security system is connected to the controller, it is enough to turn off the power and such a Smart Home becomes inoperable.

When using LOOKin, battery-powered devices will continue to function and perform their duties, even if some complex tasks are required , for example, entering a pin-code on the numeric keypad within 60 seconds after seeing movement in the lobby.

Lack of a controller not only makes the system more stable, but also significantly affects the price. The average price of any controller on the market ranges from $200-300. The cheapest start at $99.

For example,

You have come up with the following rule - when someone enters the bedroom, the overhead light and floor lamp should light up. However, someone accidentally pulled the LOOKin Plug with a floor lamp connected to it from the socket and forgot to insert it back.

When someone enters the bedroom, no error occurs, the system will automatically exclude the floor lamp and only the overhead light will turn on. As soon as you plug the Plug back into the outlet, it will automatically power on again along with the top light.

Some kind of magic!

Freedom without wires

Every LOOKin device includes an energy efficient Wi-Fi chip. Energy efficiency is very important for battery-powered devices such as smoke detectors or motion sensors (these sensors also include light and temperature sensing). We have applied a well-proven scheme, when the sensor sends only information about the actuation, and the rest of the time is in deep sleep, saving energy.

Up to 12 months of battery life
Device response 0.3 seconds

LOOKin battery operated devices periodically check the remaining charge and signal if the battery needs to be replaced.

The response time, that is, the time required to wake up and send a command, of each device of the smart home system does not exceed 30ms - this is very short, a person does not even have time to notice such a delay. Blink! During this time, the smoke detector will manage to report the detected smoke about 30 times.

Thanks to the internet connection, all devices of the LOOKin system automatically receive a firmware update as soon as they go out. Your Smart Home is always updated.

Initially, all devices are connected to a Wi-Fi router in your house or apartment and are embedded in your home network. If the Wi-Fi router stops working, the network is automatically rebuilt and one of the devices becomes a router for all the others.

For example, if intruders turn off the electricity in your apartment, the motion sensor will still be able to signal the siren to turn on.

at your fingertips

Automation rules are what sets your home apart from many others. The most surprising thing is that the automation rules are stored in the devices themselves without the need for a controller.

Automation scenarios

Scenarios are collections of actions that are logically grouped together. Scenes can be anything you like - their number and composition is limited only by your imagination.

Watching a movie Turn off the lights throughout the apartment, draw the curtains and turn on the LED lighting at 50% brightness.
Awakening Turn on the light in the kitchen, the coffee maker and set the heated bathroom floor to heat up quickly.
Not at home Turn off all lights and electrical appliances in the house, send SMS when motion is detected.
Integration with existing
smart home systems
Remote Universal IR remote controller
Remote can control any electrical appliance equipped with an infrared receiver. It can be anything - be it a TV, receiver, air conditioner or fan.

- HomeKit support for AC units
- Onboard humidity and temperature sensors
- Ability to connect external temp sensor and IR TX
Duo Flush-mounted recessed double switch: Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, Thread support
Able to control lighting, fans, boilers, ball valves to shut off water and other electrical appliances. The device allows you to take into account the consumption of electrical energy consumed by the connected devices. Suitable for most junction boxes (d> = 65mm) and can be hidden behind switches or in a junction box.
Delayed until 2022 Detailed
Plug Controllable adapter plugged into a socket
Installed between an electrical appliance and an outlet and allows you to turn the appliance on and off remotely from a smartphone, tablet, computer, or when any conditions occur.
The device measures the amount of energy consumed by an electrical appliance - you can analyze your energy costs by individual appliances or rooms. The adapter is very compact. Suitable for most existing outlets.
In development
Motion Motion, temperature and light sensor
Able to measure light level, room temperature or react to movement. Depending on the scenes set by the user, it can control any devices in the system depending on the measured values. For example, turn on the heating when the temperature drops or turn on the light when it gets dark.
In development