Flush-mounted recessed double switch: Wi-Fi, BLE, Zigbee, Thread support

Available: Mid 2022, Price: $ 55

Able to control lighting, fans, boilers, ball valves for shutting off water and other electrical appliances.

Suitable for most installation boxes (d> = 65mm) and can be hidden behind switches or in a junction box.

Integration with services

Remote works "out of the box" with the following services.
We are working hard to keep this list updated regularly.


Any switch will become smart

Duo is installed behind a regular outlet or switch and allows you to control connected home appliances through the proprietary LOOKin Hub application, as well as integrate the switch in both voice control and other smart home gateways.

Duo also allows you to execute automation scenarios directly on the device, without the need on the internet or gateways.


Mounted behind a switch

The dimensions of the device are only 34 x 46 x 20 mm

This allows you to place it in almost any standard socket box and hide it behind a switch or socket.


2 channels of 16A each

Only high-quality components are used in Duo. For example, powerful relays from Omron are used to switch connected household appliances, which allow switching loads up to 16A per channel.

Iron, kettle, multicooker - almost any household electrical appliance can be connected to it.

Input detector

Ability to detect pressing the switch keys

When installing Duo, it is also possible to connect conventional switch keys (if the Duo is mounted behind it). The device settings determine whether the keys will turn on lights / electrical appliances or perform other actions. That is, your switch is no longer just "Smart", it can work quietly like a regular switch.

The turn-on delay is no more than 200 ms.

Automation scenarios

Automation without internet and gateways

Duo, as part of a decentralized system, allows you to create automation scenarios that run without the need for a gateway or the internet. For example, you can create a "Vacation" scenario in which the lighting in the apartment will be switched on and off on a schedule. And even if the internet cable is cut, automation will still work.

However, the Duo can be plugged into existing controllers as well as voice assistants.

Duo as part of an existing smart home

Device management via REST HTTP API

Duo can work in almost any existing Smart Home system using the HTTP REST API.

This means that when implementing automation scripts, it is possible to add controls for devices connected to Duo within the user's existing controller:

Examples of HTTP commands:

  • Switch on first channel:
  • Switch off second channel
  • Getting information about the status of channels:

Smart home control from pressed keys of switches
When you press the key of the switch connected to the Duo, the device sends a UDP packet with information about which key was pressed and to which position it was moved.

The smart home center can execute a GET request to read the received command and perform actions depending on the received information.

More about HTTP API