Remote 2

Universal remote control for home appliances

Allows you to control household appliances using infrared signals. TV, receiver, TV-box, air conditioner, humidifier, ventilation - this and many other devices can easily become part of your smart home.

HomeKit support

Add your IR controlled air conditioner to HomeKit.
Remote allows you to do this in a few taps in LOOKin Hub app
Preview. Official support in 2022

On-board Temp & Humidity sensor

Allows you not only to get the current value, but also to configure automation depending on the values

External IR TX & Temp sensor

Ability to connect an external IR TX to control IR equipment, to which there is line-of-sight distance from the Remote and an external temperature sensor (requires an adapter)

Support BLE control

Remote implements BLE HID consumer Control and BLE Keyboard, so it can control devices like Xiaomi TV or NVidia Shield

Remote 2

Avaliable Q3'2021, Price: $59

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Integration with services

Remote works "out of the box" with the following services.
We are working hard to keep this list updated regularly.

Virtual IR remotes

Your remotes look just the way you want them

You can choose a remote control from the list or create your own if your device is not listed in the database.

LOOKin Remote supports the search for the remote control by 2 buttons, and it is also possible to learn signals from your IR remote control.

Regardless of the method of creating the remote control, all buttons can be positioned the way you need it.

Air conditioners

Make your air conditioner smart

We are constantly working to expand our support for air conditioners and ultimately allow Remote to work with any air conditioner in the world.


Single remote control

One tap - multiple actions

In a modern home, there are devices that must work at the same time. For example, a set-top box, TV and receiver. When you press the "turn on" button on the TV remote, the Remote turns on the receiver and the set-top box. When changing the volume - changes the volume on the receiver. Channel change - switches it on the set-top box.

Single remote control can also work for climate control.

Climate control

Flexible scheduling for air conditioners and ventilation

For example, breezer can be managed by Remote-schedule scheme: work at high for one hour prior to the scheduled arrival of the hosts, and then reduce the power to maintain the clean air in the apartment.

Smart home devices

Adding Smart Features to Home Appliances

Launch devices by the clock, remote control and creation of complex scenarios.

For example, shutdown by timer: if the child likes to watch TV and does it too much, turn off the TV while in another room from the phone. Or set a timer shutdown scenario.

Home automation

Participation of a IR remote-controlled device in automation

For example, a user came home - the door opening sensor was triggered, the Remote sent a signal and the air conditioner started to work.

The thermometer showed that the temperature was too low - the air conditioner turned off or increased the air temperature.

Remote as part of an existing smart home

Controlling IR devices via API

Remote can work in almost any existing Smart Home system using the HTTP REST API.

This means that when implementing automation scenarios, it is possible to add control to devices that have an IR within the user's existing controller:

Examples of command execution via HTTP::

  • Sending IR commands in ProntoHEX format, for example:
       GET<код команды в ProntoHEX>
  • Sending commands in IR raw timings format, for example:
       GET<частота>;<тайминги сигнала>
  • Sending IR commands that were stored in memory in learning mode:

Smart home control using IR remote control
When receiving a signal from the remote control, the Remote sends a UDP packet with information that the signal from the infrared remote control is received.

The smart home center can execute a GET request to read the received command and perform actions depending on the received signal.

More about HTTP API


Operating voltage

5V AC 500ma (USB)
or 4xAA batteries

Operating temperature

0 - 40 ºС

Wireless connections

Wi-Fi 801.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.1

Wireless range

up to 50 m outdoors, up to 30 m indoors (depending on materials)

Receiving IR signal

38kHz receiver with software adaptation

Sending IR signal

7 transmitters with modulated frequency from 30kHz to 56kHz


80 mm x 80 mm x 36 mm

Integration capabilities

Open Remote, SmartThings, Zipato, Z-way, Home Center2 and many others

Air conditioner compatibility

We work hard every day on our services and, in particular, on their compatibility.

Stay tuned for updates, the list of compatible air conditioners is constantly updated

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Mitsubishi Electric
Mitsubishi Heavy